The menu is designed to enhance all the typical flavours of Italian cooking tradition. The raw materials of high quality are expertly processed according to the latest culinary philosophies of haute cuisine. The dishes reinterpret the flavours of Italian tradition, with style and originality, combining ingredients that give a strong and decisive identity to the Da Clà restaurant cuisine.


Italian Restaurant. Da Clà Restaurant philosophy is based on the hospitality: "I want my customers to feel at home in a warm atmosphere. My restaurant is a place where to feel welcomed and cuddled”. The menu offers traditional, expertly prepared Italian dishes, the cosy atmosphere and ambiance make any lunch and dinner experience unforgettable, in the coolest and most dynamic district of Düsseldorf.

Claudio Palazzolo

After many years of experience and a successful expertise acquired with the Da Clà Restaurant in Balestrate (Sicily), Claudio Palazzolo opens a brand new restaurant in Düsseldorf. Inspired by the tradition and the simplicity of the Italian flavours, Claudio proposes an amazing, creative and always original cuisine concept, using only top-quality raw materials.
The continuous search for the new, the attention to details, the passion for good taste and the many culinary experiences around the world, are the characteristics that make Claudio a discerning restaurateur. Each part of his background merges into every dish that the restaurant offers.
Punctual, elegant, and constantly moving, Claudio always provides his customers with all his knowledge in culinary and wine matters.
Guglielmo Asta Gold Medal at the Italian Championships in Massa Carrara in 2011 and bronze medal at the Olympics in Erfurt in Germany in 2012. Constantly evolving to offer new forms and new tastes abroad, starting from the excellence of Italian culinary tradition.